Maintenance, repair, and common troubleshooting of plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter.

The electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of conductivity medium volume, total flow, and flow velocity instrument. The water flow meter is able to design industry products,think guarantee of city water supply,measurement accurate water and electric cost.


Magnetic flow meter sensors generally do not require regular maintenance. However, if the measured medium is easy to cause the electrode and the measuring head (measuring tube) surface or inner wall to adhere to and scale, it must be cleaned regularly. The cleaning cycle depends on the adhesion and scaling speed. When cleaning the electrode and the measuring head (measuring tube), be careful not to damage the insulating material and the electrode.

The selection of sensor form is based on on-site conditions. If the sensor may be immersed in the water for a long time, the submersible type can be selected, and the split type electromagnetic flow meter can be selected under normal circumstances. If the environment and location are better, the integrated type can be used. If you need to disassemble and assemble on-line or need to clean the electrode, you can choose to disassemble and assemble under pressure. If there is any fault, please contact Q&T instrument, general users are not allowed to repair by themselves.

Pay attention to closing the ball valve when disassembling the sensor.