On-site installation steps of electromagnetic flowmeter for Q&T instrument environmental protection equipment.

The following steps are taken for the on-site installation of electromagnetic flowmeters:

1. On-site pipeline laying, corresponding to the pipe diameter, find the position of the straight pipe section to be installed, and ensure that the electromagnetic flowmeter installation position is the first 10D and the 5D requirements (at least the first 5D and the 3D) the inner diameter of the D meter. The flow direction of the fluid is consistent with the arrow direction of the flowmeter.

2. Confirm the length of the electromagnetic flow meter and the matching flange, measure the size, determine the installation position, and cut the pipe.

3. Weld the mating flanges, remove welding slag, and purge the debris inside the pipeline.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter case

4. Install the electromagnetic flow meter in the opening position and fix the bolts.

5. Connect the power cord and run with water.