Frequently asked questions

  a) Check the power supply connection;
  b) Check the power fuse to see for OK;
  c) Check the contrast of LCD and regulate it to working state;
To check if measured fluid full of testing pipe of sensor.
Check if the signal cable is OK.
Check the sensor modulus and sensor zero whether set as the sensor escutcheon or leave factory checkout.

If signal levels go below 25% then the accuracy will be affected. 

No. The separation distance is calculated by the instrument depending on the pipe size and temperature, and must not be changed. How it affects the accuracy depends on how much you move the transducer.

+/- 10°C will affect the accuracy by 1%. If the temperature increases a significant amount the signal may be lost altogether. 

A higher temperature gives a wider separation distance, so if the sensors haven’t moved along with the temperature, then the signal will not be received. 

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