Why does electromagnetic flowmeter make sudden noise during use?

Two situations that cause abnormal noise:

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

1. The electromagnetic flowmeter the fluid rubs the lining and the electrode, and the positive and negative ions generated in the fluid are separated from the electrolyte fluid. The rougher the surface of the lining and electrode, the higher the concentration of free ions. Under the action of the electric field of the electrode signal, a part of the ions will move to the electrode to form a noise voltage. This noise is called flow noise. Flow noise is more prominent when measuring low conductivity. The flow noise is related to the strength of the external electric field. The greater the induced signal at high flow rates, the greater the noise amplitude, and the output will be very unstable.

2. The rapid changes in fluid conductivity and pH value will also cause flow noise. The reason is that when different media are unevenly mixed, positive, and negative ions are easily separated from the fluid. Under the action of the electrode signal electric field, some ions will move to the electrode, forming Flowing noise voltage causes unstable output.

flow meter case

The requirements of the electromagnetic flowmeter in installation place:

1. Choose a place that is convenient for installation and WeChat.

2. Keep away from equipment with strong electromagnetic fields, such as large motors and transformers.

3. The installation site should not have strong vibration, and the environmental temperature should not change too much.