Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Accuracy: +/-0.2% (Customize), +/-0.5% (Standard)

Nominal Pressure: 1.6 Mpa ,2.5Mpa ,4.0Mpa ,6.3 Mpa

Power supply: 24VDC, 220VAC

Mediem temperature: -20°C – +160 °C

Measuring Range: 1500:1,flow rate<15m/s

Magnetic Flow Meter (1)

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Refined Material, Accurate Measurement

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High & low temperature test, different humidity test

Make sure instruments can resist any harsh environment

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Separate Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Tri-Clamp Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Partial Filled Pipe Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Main Performances Parameters

Nominal Pressure0.6-1.6Mpa(2.5Mpa/4.0Mpa/6.4Mpa…Max 42Mpa)
+/-0.3% or +/-0.2%(Optional)
LinerPTFE, Neoprene, Hard Rubber, EPDM, FEP, Polyurethane, PFA
ElectrodeSUS316L, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C
Titanium, Tantalum, Platinium-iridium
Structure TypeIntegral type, remote type, submersible type, ex-proof type
Medium Temperature-20~+60 degC(Integral type)
Remote type(Neoprene,Hard Rubber,Polyurethane,EPDM) -10~+80degC
Remote type(PTFE/PFA/FEP) -10~+160degC
Ambient Temperature-20~+60deg C
Ambient Humidity5-100%RH(relative humidity)
Measuring RangeMax 15m/s
Protection ClassIP65(Standard); IP68(Optional for remote type)
Process ConnectionFlange (Standard), Wafer, Thread, Tri-clamp etc (Optional)
Output Signal4-20mA/Pulse
CommunicationRS485(Standard), HART(Optional),GPRS/GSM (Optional)
Power SupplyAC220V (can be used for AC85-250V)
DC24V (can be used for DC20-36V)
DC12V (optional), Battery Powered 3.6V (optional)
Power Consumption<20W
AlarmUpper Limit Alarm / Lower Limit Alarm
Self-diagnosisEmpty Pipe Alarm, Exciting Alarm
Explosion ProofATEX


Main Performances Of The Electrode Materials

Electrode MaterialApplication
SUS316LApplicable in water, sewage and low corrosive medium;
Widely used in industries of petrol, chemistry, carbamide etc.
Hastelloy BHaving strong resistance to hydrochloric acid of any consistence which is below boiling point.
Resistable against vitriol,phosphate, hydrofluoricacid, organic acid etc which are oxidable acid, alkali and non-oxidable salt.
Hastelloy CBe resistant to oxidable acid such as nitric acid, mixed acid as well as oxidable salt such as Fe+++,Cu++ and sea water
TitaniumApplicable in seawater, and kinds of chloride, hypochlorite salt, oxidable acid (including fuming nitric acid), organic acid, alkali etc. Not resistant to a pure reducing acid (such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid) corrosion. But if acid contains antioxidant (such as Fe+++,Cu++) is greatly reduce corrosion
TantalumHaving strong resistance to corrosive mediums that is similar with glass. Almost applicable in all chemicals mediums except for hydrofluoric acid, oleum and alkali
Platinum-iridiumAlmost be applicable in all chemical mediums except fortis, ammonium salt


Velocity-Flow Range Table

Range table

 Remark:Suggest flow velocity range 0.5m/s-15m/s


Magnetic Flow Meter (18)

Magnetic Flow Meter (13)

Magnetic Flow Meter (14)

Magnetic Flow Meter (17)